Rentals and Sales

We carry a large selection of folk harps for rent and sale.


Lever harps are available on a three month rental period $35-$70 per month depending on model. Our harps are in excellent condition, most have full sharping levers, and all come with a padded carrying case and tuning key. Availability of pedal harps is limited.

“Over the past fifteen years, I have sent numerous students looking to rent a harp to Claudia. They invariably come away with the perfect instrument for their needs and for their dreams. She has a lot of choices for them with her large stock of instruments, and she takes the time to show them the differences between makers and models and to help them find a harp that fits their body and their pocketbook. We are so lucky to have her here in the Albany area.” – Elizabeth Huntley


The Harp Place is proud to offer established brands of harps, including Blevins, Dusty Strings, Ravenna, Harpsicle, and William Rees for rental or purchase. Other brands such as Triplett Harps, October Mountain, CamacSalvi, and Westover are also available.  All new harps come with a full warranty.  We are pleased to apply the first 3 months of rental fee towards the  purchase of any new harp. We do not ship at this time.