Thoughts from Others

“Claudia loves music. She loves the harp. She loves to think of new ways to show her students how to play so they can find their own love for music at the harp. This is what makes her such a remarkable teacher, and remarkable is just what she is!” -Elizabeth Huntley


“Claudia is a talented teacher and musician. She writes, composes, arranges, and teaches music in a positive and fun environment. She is patient, thoughtful, caring and dedicated to her students and their families. Her music studio is inviting and feels so much like home. If you’re new to the harp, she has rentals available and will help you choose just the right harp. She’s taught me so much. There’s always something new to discover on the harp.” -Kat


“As a retired teacher, I was searching for a way to remain creative and to expand my horizons.  It was with great good fortune that I discovered Claudia Place when I began investigating taking harp lessons.  Claudia was encouraging and engaging from the moment we met at her studio.  She is as charming as the lovely country setting where she gives lessons.  I had had some musical lessons earlier in my life, but really was starting from scratch.

 As an adult student, the challenges are different.  Claudia understands that and helps me to forge ahead at my own pace.  She has given me a new appreciation for music and all that it encompasses.  Claudia not only is guiding me through the learning process, but also has helped me to pick out and purchase a beautiful harp of my own.

 I always look forward to lessons with Claudia and know that anyone who passes through her door into the world of music will be a life long fan as well.   -Kathy A


“Claudia’s unique way of teaching focuses on the correct techniques for harp playing using the Salzedo Technique, as well as teaching music theory. She always shares her love of music throughout each lesson with laughter and stories.” -Susan DiFiore


Great Teacher

“Claudia is an experienced and talented musician and harpist. She has a tactful approach and teaches harp to students with both modest and complex goals.” -J.R.


“I had a vision of playing the harp but thought it would be difficult to learn. I also feared it would be hard to find a teacher. To my delight and surprise I found Claudia teaching lessons near me.

Within the first few weeks of lessons I could play simple tunes. Claudia did an excellent job teaching me to read music in a way that is intuitive and visual. I also feel that she gave me a solid foundation by teaching the proper technique for pulling strings so I may progress to the highest of my ability. I am confident that under her guidance I will not create or keep bad habits in my technique and that is SO comforting. I have great confidence in the instruction she gives me.

After a few years of lessons I bought my own beautiful Dusty Strings harp from The Harp Place and am looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come. I am so grateful to have found Claudia!” -Corinne


“I wanted to play a small Irish harp given to me by a friend  who wanted more for my life than work. Lucky for me that Claudia Place is happy to teach beginners of all ages how to make music.

Claudia’s patience with me as as an adult left-handed harp student is heartening.

My musical life is best measured like geologic time; an early, middle, and late period and Claudia is determined to move out of my early period. Each new task she teaches builds on previous lessons.

I’m glad Claudia appreciates antiques for she has taken me on as a senior student of the harp knowing I had no prior knowledge of music. Lesson by lesson she has gently taught me to read music, master hand and eye coordination and even restringing my harp.

Claudia refrains from burdening me with technical terminology during lessons but is very willing to explain, in depth, harmonic theory, etc.”  



The Harp Place is the Capital Region location for the purchase or rental of high quality harps created by the foremost builders of the instrument.

Those shopping for a harp will undoubtedly find their perfect instrument from the diverse selection available. Claudia is experienced in guiding you to choose the harp that is “just right”.

What’s more, Claudia Place is both a professional and experienced harp teacher with students ranging from elementary school children to retirees. Her personable, patient style of teaching is focused on the student’s individual needs and skills. Her lessons are appropriately challenging learning experiences and are interactive, inspiring, and fun.

I have studied with Claudia for many years and own two Dusty String harps purchased from the Harp Place. – Carol M